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Géminis, 4, Políg. Ind. Can Parellada 08228 Terrassa Barcelona (SPAIN)



Products for the bakery sector: sliced bread and pastries.

In the bakery sector, that includes sliced bread and industrial pastries, VEDEQSA offers solutions to solve the current market demands: longer-lasting products that maintain their texture, taste and freshness.


Microencapsulated sorbic acid

– Protects the bread against the presence of moulds.

– Reduces the percentage of yeast necessary to reach the desired volume, with the subsequent savings.

– Avoids the interaction of sorbic acid with yeasts during kneading and fermentation processes. This allows a reduction of the fermentation time and minimises the consumption of the preservative.

– Increases the shelf life of bakery products compared with the use of the same amount of non-encapsulated sorbic acid.

– Enhances the volume of the dough and the baked good compared with the use of non-encapsulated sorbic acid.

– Prevents caking of the preservative in powder blends.


Microencapsulated calcium propionate

– Avoids the interaction of calcium propionate with yeast during kneading and fermentation processes.

– Maintains bread volume without requiring additional yeast or extra fermentation time.

– Reduces the percentage of calcium propionate necessary for preservation because the release of the preservative occurs during the baking process.

– Improves the manipulation of calcium propionate avoiding the generation of dust during the production compared with the non-encapsulated product.