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MIRCAP®, improves the quality of your products with microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is an effective process which improves the performance of food products. It increases their quality while prolonging shelf life and optimising production costs, because sensitive active materials are protected from detrimental interactions and premature reactions with other ingredients or with the environment.

Those interactions may be chemical (cross-reactions, oxidation, moisture absorption) or physical (mechanical alteration during the mixing of ingredients).

VEDEQSA uses an advanced encapsulation technology to produce microencapsulated products, which are sold under the MIRCAP® brand. Our microencapsulated products bring a substantial improvement to the quality and the shelf life of the food products.

Besides, VEDEQSA technology contributes to the optimization of the production costs of our clients, helping to achieve optimal manufacturing processes and obtain products that reach the consumers in optimal conditions and with excellent organoleptic properties.

The objectives of the microencapsulation technology of MIRCAP® products are:

  • Protection of the active ingredient against its interaction with other components and the modification of its attributes due to external influences.
  • Control of the release properties of the active ingredient, in order to improve production processes.

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At VEDEQSA we are able to manufacture unique encapsulation solutions adapted to each application. We have an increasing production capacity to establish as a solid key player in the industry. We distribute our encapsulated products in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.